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Understanding DBA Directory

 To create a directory: CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY alias AS 'pathname' ; To Grant: GRANT permission ON DIRECTORY alias TO { user | role | PUBLIC}; SQL > SELECT DIRECTORY_NAME , DIRECTORY_PATH FROM DBA_DIRECTORIES WHERE DIRECTORY_NAME = 'DUMP' ; DIRECTORY_NAME DIRECTORY_PATH ------------------------------ --------------- DUMP / home /appsolworld $ chmod 777 /home/appsolworld Just test run: DECLARE Handle UTL_FILE.FILE_TYPE; BEGIN Handle : = UTL_FILE.FOPEN ( 'DUMP' , 'abc.txt' , 'w' ); UTL_FILE.PUT ( 'This is the first line' ); UTL_FILE.FCLOSE (Handle); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ( 'Exception: SQLCODE=' || SQLCODE || ' SQLERRM=' || SQLERRM); RAISE; END ; / DBA_DIRECTORIES view which we use to check directory information. Let us describe that. SQL> desc DBA_DIRECTORIES; Name Null?

Error in ADOP Cleanup phase

================== Enter the APPS password: Connected. ============================================================== ADOP (C.Delta.12) Session Id: 4 Command: status Output: /apdascn7i/product/122/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/4/20220217_232656/adzdshowstatus.out =============================================================== Node Name       Node Type  Phase           Status          Started              Finished             Elapsed --------------- ---------- --------------- --------------- -------------------- -------------------- ------------ shsebs7idb1     master     PREPARE         COMPLETED       2022/02/15 07:02:15  2022/02/15 12:52:39  5:50:24                            APPLY           COMPLETED       2022/02/15 16:22:33  2022/02/15 21:06:33  4:43:00                            FINALIZE        COMPLETED       2022/02/16 23:15:37  2022/02/16 23:49:17  0:33:40                            CUTOVER         COMPLETED       2022/02/17 06:42:44  2022/02/17 07:24:30 

R12.2 Failure of server APACHE bridge Failure of server APACHE bridge:

  No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF or method not idempotent. If there is an issue with the oacore managed server, meaning apache is not able to connect to the oacore managed server, we'll see this error. It is possible that the managed server oacore is not yet started, and we try to access the EBS URL. It is possible that the managed server for oacore is not able to start up because of a port conflict. Login to weblogic console Access OACORE_SERVER1 ( Use force Shutdown) Start OACORE_SERVER1  Now application will be accessble.

High heap utilization on EBS | WLS Servers

 Garbage Collection is required to control heap. Login to the WLS console and need to reach the location as per below screenshots and run GC Collect.   Clear the heap as below, now percent utilization of heap will be reduced.

The Server is not able to service this request: [Socket:000445]Connection rejected, filter blocked Socket,

  Connection Filters allow one to deny access to UNWANTED Connections at the network level. Connection Filters can be used to protect server resources on individual servers, server clusters, or an entire internal network or Intranet. Connection filters are particularly useful when using the Administration port. Depending on the network firewall configuration, it may be possible to use a connection filter to further restrict administration access. A typical use might be to restrict access to the Administration port to only the servers and machines in the domain. WebLogic Server provides a default connection filter called . This default connection filter accepts all incoming connections except the ones defined in the Administration Console as a Connection filter rule. Custom connection filters may be written  by implementing the classes in the package. This post will demonstrate the steps to configure Weblogic Connection F