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PRVG-11250 : The check "RPM Package Manager database" was not performed because

Following message reported from cluvfy while performing pre-requisite for Clusterware Installation:  Verifying RPM Package Manager database ...INFORMATION PRVG-11250 : The check "RPM Package Manager database" was not performed because it needs 'root' user privileges. SOLUTION Execute runcluvfy manually with "-method root" option and enter root password when prompted : Example: $/ stage -pre crsinst -n <HOSTNAME1>,<HOSTNAME2> -method root Enter "ROOT" password: For reference metalink doc id :  2548970.1


 shsebs7idb1: PRVG-2064 : There are no configured name servers in the file              '/etc/resolv.conf' on the nodes "shsebs7idb1" Solution: [root@shsebs7idb2 ~]# ls -ltr /etc/resolv.conf -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 78 Jul  3 11:02 /etc/resolv.conf [root@shsebs7idb2 ~]# mv /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.sid Rename resolv.conf to resolv.conf.sid for example and re run the installation again . It  worked for me

Linux OL7/RHEL7: PRVE-0421 : No entry exists in /etc/fstab for mounting /dev/shm

  This is due to below bugs: OL7 -  Unpublished Bug 21441387- 12.2/MAIN/OL7.1: CVU REPORTS /DEV/SHM NOT MOUNTED WHEN IT IS MOUNTED  21441387.8 RHEL 7 - Unpublished Bug 25907259 : RHEL7.2: CVU REPORTS /DEV/SHM NOT MOUNTED WHEN IT IS MOUNTED  25907259.8 As a work-around in OL7: In OL7, the /dev/shm is not mounted in /etc/fstab on a fresh system, it is done in: [root@testc140 u02]# ll /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99base/ -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 11379 Mar 26 10:14 vi /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99base/ and comment the below lines 62 if ! ismounted /dev/shm; then 63 mkdir -m 0755 /dev/shm 64 mount -t tmpfs -o mode=1777,nosuid,nodev,strictatime tmpfs /dev/shm >/dev/null 65 fi so, this validation is not really valid for OL7.    We can also safely ignore this message. For reference metalink id: -  Doc ID 2065603.1

Verifying Daemon “Avahi-Daemon” Not Configured And Running …FAILED (PRVG-1360)

  Execute "/tmp/CVU_19." as root user on nodes "shsebs7idb1" to perform the fix up operations manually Press ENTER key to continue after execution of "/tmp/CVU_19." has completed on nodes "shsebs7idb1" Fix: Daemon "avahi-daemon" not configured and running   Node Name                             Status   ------------------------------------  ------------------------   shsebs7idb1                           failed ERROR: shsebs7idb1: PRVG-9023 : Manual fix up command "/tmp/CVU_19." was not issued by root user on node "shsebs7idb1" Result: "Daemon "avahi-daemon" not configured and running" could not be fixed on nodes "shsebs7idb1" SOLUTION: To fix this error, stop and disable avahi-daemon service. 1. Check avahi-daemon status: [root@shsebs7idb1 ~]# ls -l /bin/systemctl -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 717696 Sep  7  2018 /bin/sys