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  Short summary on Oracle Transparent Data Encryption Transparent Data Encyption features: Encrypts columns or entire application data table spaces. Protects the database files on disk and on backup of databases. Transparent to application no changes required.   Below action plans are in brief: Perform cold backup Check the table space size. Apply patch 23315889 ( one of patch) $ mkdir -p /APPSOL/appsol/admin/TDE/APPSOL SQL> select * from v$encryption_wallet; update sqlnet.ora file. ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION =  ( SOURCE = ( METHOD = FILE )       ( METHOD_DATA =          ( DIRECTORY = /APPSOL/appsol /admin/ TDE / APPSOL )       )  SQL> alter system set encryption key identified by "*******" ;   $ ls /APPSOL/appsol/admin/TDE/APPSOL    Restart DB in mount stage.    SQL> select TABLESPACE_NAME,ENCRYPTED,COMPRESS_FOR from   DBA_TABLESPACES not in ( 'SYSTEM' , 'SYSAUX' , 'TEMP' , 'UNDOTBS1' );   Restart DB.  SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET EN